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Chair Covers

Chair Covers

One of our star products. Changing the look of your chairs has never been so easy.

Thanks to the large number of models and colors, we can dress a variety of chairs available in the current market.

We have 3 large families: chair cover without backrest, with backrest and universal.

Choose your own style!

Universal chair cover

As its name indicates, you can combine them with shabby, provencal, rustic, romantic decor… they will never go out of style.

Made of fabric of great resistance, fits the chair with a loop in its back part, covering it completely.

Chair cover with backrest

Renew your chair instantly. Change color as many times as you want.

Thanks to its elasticity, you will avoid wrinkles, as this tissue has memory and returns to its initial form.

You will only need 1 minute to fit them!

Chair cover without backrest

Prepare your chairs for a change. The simplest covers to place.

With them you will preserve the image of your chair, protecting the area that most deteriorates over time.