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Sofa Covers

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Eysa’s product par excellence. With them, you will dress your sofa, giving it a second life and a personal style.

Changing your sofa cover is the most economical and environmentally friendly solution. For little money, you will give your sofa a new image.

Thanks to the great variety of models and colors, our covers are adapted to practically all models of sofas available on the market.

We have different families of covers: bielastic, elastic, practical, universal and Eysa Protect. The latter, made with a new fabric that makes it waterproof and at the same time breathable, protecting the sofa from stains of fluid, grease and at the same time allows the fabric to breathe avoiding mold and unpleasant odors.

What’s yours? Don’t miss it!



Quality and comfort. Who said that a cover could not be adapted to almost all models? Thanks to its 360º elasticity, this type of cover is able to fit a wide variety of models.


Comfort and practicality. These covers are made for those who want to cover the sofa partially, protecting well areas of more wear. Discover them!!!


Renew and protect. The most affordable all-terrain cover on the market. Being able to give a different style to your place. Do you dare?


Subtlety and elegance. Sofa covers that combine these two features to make them unique. Are you ready for them?